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Algorithmic Anxiety
Design & research bootcamp
7–9 December 2018
The Grey Space in the Middle
The Hague (The Netherlands)

NXS World is an experimental research platform that investigates the self in the digital era with a biannual publication in its core. For its upcoming issue #4 Algorithmic Anxiety, NXS has been invited by The Grey Space in the Middle to expand itself into a physical space to experiment with new forms of content creation for its publication. Therefore we are organizing a 3 day research bootcamp for students from various art, design and scientific studies from December 7 till 9. Together we want to investigate artificial intelligence in its various forms as an integral part of our everyday lives and how they affect human emotions and behaviours, our perception of ourselves and the world around us, and how they might eventually influence current or future evolutionary stages of the human species.

Through exploring three levels of algorithmic power over humans – assist, control and replace – the bootcamp will map out the relation between algorithmic authorities and human anxiety.

The bootcamp’s collective “research through making” approach mixes theoretical input, visual and textual assignments with performative elements. Lectures by Dr. Nishant Shah and other special guests (TBA) will introduce the participants to the concept of artificial authorities and how they relate to the “self’ within the context of this workshop. Selected parts of the bootcamp results will be included in the upcoming printed issue NXS #4 Algorithmic Anxiety, to be released in February 2019.

All students and alumni from various disciplines interested in this topic are invited to participate. The workshop is free of charge and meals will be provided.

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About this project

This project is part of an open laboratory and research program on artificial intelligence of the Design Department of the Sandberg Institute and Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and the Grey Space in the Middle. The Grey Space in the Middle defines itself as an open laboratory and presentation space for the 21st century, presenting art and digital culture, science, technology and philosophy in an anti-disciplinary state.

About NXS World

NXS—standing for nexus (a connection or bond)— is an Amsterdam based research platform that explores ‘the self’ in the age of digital technology. NXS takes the form of a cross-platform structure with exhibitions, performances, lectures and a biannual publication as its core. It searches for personal viewpoints, experiences and stories on relevant topics around digital technology, as a way to make them more tangible and more accessible to an audience that reaches beyond artists, designers, and theorists.

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