Bewaffnet mit Strass

Our research associate Adam Harvey is interviewed by fluter, the journal of the German Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, about the role of his CV Dazzle anti-surveillance project in the current Black Lives Matter movement.


All Models is an international mailing list of critical AI studies and a research environment to question knowledge models in the age of AI.


I Am Sitting In A High-Dimensional Room

Together with Phillip Schmitt and in collaboration with Dr. Felipe Orduña Bustamante, our former HfG Karlsruhe student Anina Rubin premiers the new piece I Am Sitting In A High-Dimensional Room, an audio simulation narrated by a neural network.


Neural Network Cultures

KIM HfG continues the partnership with transmediale festival also in 2020 with a panel and workshop on AI hacking.