Our research fellow Ariana Dongus has been nominated for the AI-Newcomer Award 2021 by the German Informatics Society and will speak at the AI-Camp on April 27.

April 27, 2021

16.00-16.45: Future of AI Research in Germany
17.00 – 17.45: AI-Newcomer Award Ceremony 2021
 Link to livestream (free access)


She has been nominated under the category Humanities and Social Sciences. The voting has been completed and on April 27 at 5pm, the winners will be announced during the AI-Camp. Ariana also participates at the panel The Future of AI Research in Germany together with Prof. Ina Schieferdecker (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF), Kenza Ait Si Abbou Lyadini (Deutsche Telekom IT)  and Dr. Mario Gleirscher (University of York and Advisory Board of Young Scientists, German Informatics Society).

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About the award and the AI-Camp 2021

The current discussion about the future of AI does not only involve established AI experts. Many “AI newcomers” are also shaping the theoretical and practical orientation of AI from their respective disciplines with new ideas. It is precisely these young thought leaders that the Gesellschaft für Informatik is looking for. With this award, they honor a total of 10 outstanding researchers in universities, research institutions, associations as well as foundations and companies who are already driving the development of AI in Germany with their innovative ideas.

The AI-Camp is organized by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Gesellschaft für Informatik e. V. (GI). On April 27, 2021, AI talents – up to 35 years old – will meet renowned AI experts* from all over the world in Berlin and in the digital space. In interactive fishbowl discussions, debating sessions and hands-on workshops, the free science convention will address transdisciplinary future issues from the fields of society, sustainability, production, science, health, mobility, art and media.