Wednesday 14 July 2021
2 pm – 4 pm (c.t) CET
Public online lecture

The course Media of Exchange convened by Max Grünberg extends its exploration of cryptoeconomic media by examining the emergent organizational form of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). By offering a flat network topology, censorship resistance, and global accessibility, distributed ledgers promise to open paths to new modes of organization that go far beyond facilitating digital transactions in a decentral way. Building on top of this technology, DAOs first emerged within the Ethereum blockchain community during the mid-2010s, where they materialized as a decentralized funding mechanism. Today, DAOs constitute a new organizational paradigm for our networked society, providing not only new opportunities for crowdfunding but also a distributed governance structure through tokenization. The course invited Kei Kreutler, a practitioner and theorist in the field, to give an introductory presentation on DAOs and their history by disclosing their affinity to predecessors like gaming guilds and cooperatives. 

Kei Kreutler is a writer and artist interested in how cultural narratives of technology shape their use. She leads strategy at Gnosis, a network of teams building the web3 software stack for decentralized organizations (DAOs). She also contributes to the Other Internet research group and sits on the Board of Regen Foundation.

The lecture is open to the public. Please write an email to:
mrgruenberg [∂] for the video conferencing link.