Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Nielson introduced extractivism as one of the leading forces operating in the XXI Century. The idea of extractivism extends the boundaries of the very concept of extraction beyond the appropriation of natural resources, and embeds “processes that cut through patterns of human cooperation and social activity.” Modern artificial intelligence systems are based precisely on material and immaterial forms of extractivism. The exploitation of natural resources, which fuels the whole AI industry, is being overlaid by cognitive extractivism, which gravitates around the production, collection and distribution of data and the exploitation of human intelligence. Our panellists will invite us to discover and consider new forms of exploitation and social conflicts in the age of AI, and will try to suggest some escape routes which would allow us to re-discuss the current paradigm.

With Matteo Pasquinelli (KIM HfG Karlsruhe)
and Vladan Joler (Novi Sad University / Share Lab)
Moderated by Flavio Pintarelli

Tuesday 27th April, h 18.00
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Online talk
Video link at → Facebook  event