A presentation and panel discussion with Adam
Harvey, Arif Kornweitz and Matteo Pasquinelli

Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design
Rundgang, 20 July  2022, 3pm


The KIM research group inaugurates and presents the project AI Forensics, a critical investigation of the interpretability and accountability of visual AI systems from the perspective of their social implications. In this panel Prof. Matteo Pasquinelli and research fellow Arif Kornweitz introduce the aims and concerns of the project, which will be carried out by an interdisciplinary consortium (see here). Part of the project are the development of an open source toolkit to be used by researchers and civil society, as well as sociotechnical investigations that will provide case studies for the application of the toolkit.

Research fellow Arif Kornweitz, PhD candidate at KIM HfG, will outline one of the sociotechnical investigations which deals with algorithms for conflict prediction deployed by humanitarian actors who make use of AI systems to forecast violent conflict, epidemics, food shortage and also migration. Rather than simply measuring and forecasting conflict, these efforts are part of a long and entangled history of attempts at pacification of alien societies by accumulating large amounts of knowledge about them.

Artist-researcher Adam Harvey, who joins the project as academic technologist, gives a talk on the extended supply chain of training datasets, an integral component of AI systems, that provide the foundational information from which knowledge can be produced and encoded into algorithms such artificial neural networks. This talk discusses how to visualize dataset supply chains in order to understand the global networks that eventually produce data for AI systems, and how we have become unwitting participants in this system of data extraction. Further information, visualizations, and data for this research project is available at exposing.ai.