Due to COVID restrictions the course takes place online and in person. To register please use Moodle or send an email to Prof. Pasquinelli.


The course is a practical and theoretical introduction to the history of AI, machine learning and artificial neural networks that is accessible and recommended also to first-year students. The course will frame AI techniques in the larger history of media, art and culture, discussing their very recent impact on collective perception, product design and artistic creativity. No previous knowledge is required and all explanations will be done step by step.

  • As a visual introduction to the course, see →
  • See the sketches of Elvia Vasconcelos → here
  • See also a People’s Guide to AI → here

A certificate (Schein) is possible with credit in Media Philosophy. Students can a) make a project presentation in class and write a short essay (10 pages), or b) write an extensive essay (20 pages). Materials will be shared via Dropbox. For any question or to register please send an email to: mpasquinelli [∂]


Prof. Dr. Matteo Pasquinelli
mpasquinelli [∂]

Enrolment: via email or Moodle
Monday – Tuesday, 15:00 – 18:00. Bi-weekly
Course start: 2 November 2021
Language: English
Room: 115 and online

2 / 8-9 / 22-23 November
6-7/ 20-21 December
10-11 / 24-25 January
7-8 February

Consultation hours:
on appointment