Long-time collaborator Adam Harvey has joined KIM HfG as research associate within the VW Stiftung project.

BREAKING NEWS — In the same day Adam Harvey discloses a dataset investigation for the Munich Security Conference (MSC) in which he located over 6.000 embassy photos, several of which include MSC participants. Developing story! Stay tuned.

MSC Research


Adam Harvey is an artist and researcher focused on privacy, surveillance, and computer vision. With innovative techniques of dataset investigation, his recent project MegaPixels has forced Microsoft (and also Duke and Standford universities) to delete training datasets for face recognition in a hi-tech scandal that is still shaking US academia (internationally covered by Financial Times earlier this month).

Adam is a graduate of New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and previously studied engineering and photojournalism at the Pennsylvania State University. Adam’s works include CV Dazzle, the Anti-Drone Burqa and SkyLift in which he developed camouflage techniques for subverting face detection, thermal imaging, and location tracking.

He is the founder of VFRAME, a computer vision project for human rights researchers. VFRAME stands for “Visual Forensics and Metadata Extraction” and is an open source Artificial Intelligence system to detect illegal ammunition in war zones. KIM HfG is also supporting the printings of 3D models to train neural networks for the recognition of such illegal weapons. Welcome Adam!

More on Adam’s work → ahprojects.com
→ megapixels.cc