Please read carefully

PhD projects in the fields of media philosophy, media studies, history of science and technology, and in the broader fields of critical theory, cultural studies, translation studies, semiotics, philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence can be submitted to the attention of Prof. Dr.  Matteo Pasquinelli.

Nota bene.  A PhD project is considered consistent only if it addresses a specific field of research and, more importantly, provides an original and innovative thesis. Proposals missing a historical methodology and well-edited bibliography will not be considered.

After, and only after, the confirmation of supervision, the research project is submitted to the PhD commission of HfG Karlsruhe (headed by the Rector) that takes the final decision. The application must include: cover letter, curriculum (with publication list), two reference letters, project proposal (3 pages), preliminary bibliography (1-2 pages), research time plan (divided in six semesters for a total of three years), degree certificates.

The official language of the doctoral dissertation is usually German or English and the final manuscript normally counts around 80.000 words. International students enrolling for a doctoral program do not pay tuition fees, yet they are required to certify a basic knowledge of the German language. International student must have their  degree validated by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). The evaluation of a foreign degree is an independent procedure in which the PhD commission of HfG Karlsruhe is not involved.

For more information about the whole process please contact Mr. Waldemar Präg, Head of Studies and Exams at HfG Karlsruhe.