A large music theatre production by student Lukas Rehm for the auditorium of Heidelberg university with libretto written by neural networks.


Angelic Algorithms

→  Website Anina Rubin’s work revolves around a complex set of queries. Not only is she questioning the binary system of computing reflecting the binary system implicit to many facettes of our cognition. She is interessted in the possibility of qubits replacing the binary and annulling the dichotomy, or at least diversifying it. She also […]


Arity and Abstraction

  What does it mean to hijack the latent space of a computation? Not just any computation, but a cognitive act about which we can say – a decision was made, an inference took place here. First there is the admission of a latent space itself, an interiority – to assert an algorithm could develop, […]



A neural project by Marco Kempf and Simon Zimmerman on post-national identities.