We’re happy to announce that technology researcher, writer and speaker Maya Indira Ganesh is starting her position as Research Coordinator at KIM and HfG Karlsruhe in the new project “AI and the Society of the Future” that is funded by Volkswagen Stiftung.

Maya has a hybrid portfolio of work across cultural organisations, industry, academia and NGOs. She is working on a PhD at Leuphana University, Lüneburg, about the interaction of computational techniques with cultural narratives in the construction of machine ‘autonomy’, AI, and the evolving role of the human. Her work specifically investigates computational approaches to AI ethics in the case of autonomous vehicles. During her time at KIM, she will oversee the research trajectories of the project and integrate her own doctoral work into it.

Her other areas of research expertise include: gender, feminism and technology, big data and discrimination as well as digital security and privacy in human rights defence. She has worked with Tactical Technology Collective, the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, UNICEF India, and the APC Women’s Rights Program. She contributes to the tech-theory blog Cyborgology and tweets @mayameme. Welcome Maya!

More on Maya’s work →  http://bodyofwork.in